World Magic Shop and SandsMinds have recently had a disagreement which has now gone very public.

Each side have relied on a private email thread as evidence up to now but despite a video from Will Tsai at SandsMinds asking for the evidence to remain private, WMS have released the entire email thread on their facebook profile.

The, SandsMinds video is here:

A Statement from SansMinds

Uploaded by SansMinds Magic on 2015-12-18.

Which was quickly followed up by another video from World Magic Shop where the release is made.

World Magic Shop | Facebook

This video is being made in response to Mr. Tsai’s video statement to the magic community. In the interests of been open and honest, regarding the past…

The email release is below but as it’s hosted elsewhere, the content may be removed by the provider at any time.

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Paul Longhurst

A professional magician working mainly in the South of England. Also a professional director and actor.

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