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Thousands of people flocked to Portrush on Sunday evening to watch The Irish Magician perform the great harbour escape.

Rodd Hogg was restrained by local police, put into a box and lowered into water.

Rodd had three minutes to make his escape in front of thousands of onlookers before running out of breath.

In a social media post, Rodd said “What can I say.. it’s not every night over 5000 people come out to watch me perform. From the bottom of my heart, thank you each and every one. You made it a night I won’t ever, ever forget.

The months of planning, training and sacrifice, was worth it. The feeling I had whilst sitting on top of the Ramore, is something I can’t put into words. It was special.

I have loved reading all the posts and comments. I have been very amused. To the very few who think they know, the skeptics, the naysayers, the people who don’t believe, the down-putters.. magic is about misdirecting attention. But when you are surrounded by 5000 people, you need something a special. Instead of misdirecting attention, I have learned to direct attention. When you think you are looking at what you are not supposed to be looking at, you are looking at what you are supposed to be looking at. Not a bluff, not a double bluff, but a double-double bluff. The perfect illusion. Magic. Real Magic.

The highlight of the night for me was a picture of my son Max. He cried when the box was in the water. He thought his dad had failed. But when the flares on the roof, lit up the sky behind him, he went crazy with excitement. His face shows pure joy and pride. His dad had not failed him. His dad would never fail him.”

Full article, published on 30 May, 2017 at: https://news.causewaycoastcommunity.co.uk/local-news/perfect-illusion-magic-real-magic-rodd-hogg/

Gordon Drayson

Professional Magician, working in the South London area. Close up magic, double act cabaret as well as UK Childrens Entertainer of the Year 2016/2017. Founding member of Magic Daily.

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