The Audio Archive went live a few weeks back, and is garnering great exposure. Already Stan Allen’s Magic has featured it in the magazines ‘First View’ section, with a full blown review to follow. The Magic Circular has an interesting and relevant Q and A article about the Archive and a front cover featuring the inimitable Pat Page himself. Genii will run a feature in it’s next issue about the genesis and evolution of the concept, plus three direct audio links to choice samples of the content, featuring Charlie Miller, Jay Marshall and Maurice Fogel. How many of you reading this have ever heard these legends actually speak, or savoured their wit and wisdom? Charlie lifts the lid on his involvement with that wonderful book Expert Card Technique and his association with Fred Braue and Jean Hugard. Jay Marshall speaks eloquently about his development as a top performer, and Maurice Fogel has priceless information on getting publicity. Charlie was universally acknowledged to be one of the all time great cardmen of the world, Jay had probably the best short form act ever developed, and Fogel was one of the most dynamic, dramatic and convincing mental performers the U.K ever produced.

Well, the nice people at Magic Daily have decided to give you a gratis sample look and listen by just clicking this link:
We have also managed to get a couple of snippets for you to listen to here on Magic Daily.


Listen to a sample of Jay Marshall from the Archive


I’m certain you will enjoy it and will be sufficiently intrigued to delve further, it really is a goldmine of an experience. One of the most pleasing aspects of the audio medium is that once downloaded into your computer you can put it into any audio format you chose (for your own personal use), mp3, CD, memory stick, etc, so you can listen to it on the move, anywhere. Personally I love listening to it when I’m driving (usually dead time) it’s a delight to enjoy. Your purchase will enable you to access to over 40 hours of listening content, sharing quality time with the greats, it’s the only way you’ll ever get that close, plus there are numerous embedded archival videos of many of those featured in the Archive, so it’s both look and listen. We also invite your comments  and any information you would care to share with others, so it has an organic element as well. One more feature is that within a few months a further 5 hours of content will be added at not a single penny more in cost for purchasers. So, not only is it a unique experience, it’s incredible value for money at £50 for the entire Archive, cheap as chips indeed! This price is a special introductory price (it will go up) and will be held for an initial period for early purchasers.


Listen to a sample of Maurice Fogel from the Archive


There you go that’s the hard sell over, well as hard as I can make it. The truth is I created this concept because I wanted to bring something unique to our fraternity, and in tandem with the Page family and techie supreme Gordon Drayson,  we have laboured long and hard to see it through to final release. For me it was a labour of affection, I knew Pat for so long and regarded him as a good friend, so to be able to bring his name to the fore again is very satisfying, and a gratifying source of pleasurable achievement.

Barry Murray

Find out more at:

Patrick Page Audio Archive | Talking To The Legends…

in addition, we also feature the famous “Ramsay Reunion” in it’s entirety, both edited and uncut, which includes performances and lectures by Ron Wilson, Gaetan Bloom, Philip Fialho, Roy Johnson, Doug Alker, Kevin Fox, Geoff Ray, Trevor Lewis, Piet Forton, Bob Read, Fred Kaps, Dai Vernon, David Roth, Juan Tamariz, all introduced by Patrick Page.



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Magicians: I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s an incredible and important

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THE PAT PAGE AUDIO ARCHIVE – it is nothing short of magnificent.

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