Popular Magic Forum, The Magic Café®, is offline and has been since March 9th. There are rumours on other forums that The Magic Cafe “existence has come to an end.”

Their twitter feed explains that they are working on their servers, and will be back up when everything is updated and running smoothly, although there have been no further updates added over the last 3 days.

Please comment below if you have any inside information, or comments about the state of The Magic Cafe.

We will update this page once we hear further news.

3:27pm GMT – It appears that the website is accessible once again, but there is currently an error message that says

“ERROR: Unable to connect to the database.

This may be due to an automatic backup process,
which is run in the early morning hours (New York time).

Please stand by …”

14th March 2016 – The site appears to be back online.

Gordon Drayson

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