Over the seven-week run, The Illusionists took a total of £3.4 million at the box office, which breaks the Shaftesbury Theatres records for both sales and attendance.

The last week of sales was a massive £1 million, nearly a third of the overall total, and the show was seen by 18,500. The record was previously held by Derren Brown for the show “Svengali”

This Christmas there were three magic shows on in London, The Illusionists, Derren Brown’s “Miracle” and The Magic Circle Christmas Show.

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The Illusionists breaks box office records at the Shaftesbury Theatre | Carousel, News | The Stage

Magic show The Illusionists has broken box office records at the Shaftesbury Theatre, with the production taking more than £1 million in its final week. Overall, its seven-week run took a total of £3.4 million at the box office, which the venue said made it the highest grossing short season ever to play at the theatre.

West End Frame: The Illusionists breaks Shaftesbury Theatre’s box office records

The Stage have revealed that The Illusionists broke records at the Shaftesbury Theatre this Christmas. The magic show took more than £1 million during the final week of its run between 28th December and 3rd January.

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