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An illusion act trading under the name of “Slightly Unusual” have been the subject of an exposure controversy.

Their website shows that they offer a “Team Building” package, where they offer the following:

We start the session with a performance from an award winning illusion show which Stage Magazine described as “The Variety/Speciality find of the decade”. Your team will witness Las Vegas style illusions mixed with laugh out loud comedy – a great way to start your team building event.

After the show the real fun begins as your team have the opportunity to learn the magic and illusions. At the end of the session they will show off their new found skills in front of their colleagues, but who will have the magic touch…

It is unclear if the illusions that they teach are ones that they perform at the beginning of the session, but I suspect this is unlikely.

Their Team Building promotional video can be seen below.

Team Building Showreel

Slightly Unusual’s ‘Become An Illusionist’ Team Building Sessions. For more information visit www.slightlyunusual.co.uk

Among magicians, it is accepted that exposure is the unwarranted divulging of magical secrets. As this is a being marketed as a company team building day (with a price tag to match I am sure), the attendees have not actively sought out magical tuition, they are told they must attend by the company they work for. They are therefore unlikely to have any vested interest in keeping the methods secret.

Craig Petty, who is one of the owners of the company is no stranger to controversy, however on this occasion Craig and his partner Russell Leeds seem to have crossed a line that many magicians have taken particular exception to, and have voiced their concerns on social media, and The Magic Cafe:

The Magic Cafe Forums – Craig Petty’s Illusions as team building

The Magic Café – Visit us to discuss with others the wonderful world of magic and illusion.

It is surprising that a company who boasts of such a busy schedule, with award winning acts, doesn’t appear to earn enough money by performing alone, and so has to find other ways to boost their income.

As Ian Keable notes in his recent newsletter, it could very well be that the cliche of “Those that can, do, and those that can’t, teach” whilst not always true, may in fact be true in this instance.

As this is a matter of exposure, The Magic Circle council discussed it and I understand that Craig received a call from them. He has since decided not to renew his membership of The Magic Circle.

We have attempted to contact Slightly Unusual for their comment, but so far have not heard back from them.

How do you feel about this? Please leave your comments below.

You can follow Slightly Unusual on their twitter account, although, be warned, at the time of writing they have made 26 posts in the last few minutes, and appear to mention 4Networking more than 4Networking do.

Slightly Unusual (@SlightlyUnusual) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Slightly Unusual (@SlightlyUnusual). Slightly Unusual are known as the Comedy Illusionists. They are a multi award winning illusion act specialising in the corporate and wedding sectors. West Midlands

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