UPDATE 2/5/19 – It would appear that this is a non-story and the effect that The Express made reference to is the standard silk to egg sucker effect. Must be a slow news day for them.

Richard Jones, who won Britains Got Talent in 2016 with his tribute to war hero Fergus Anckorn in the live final, has publically admitted that he has no regrets after breaking the number one rule of The Magic Circle – do not expose magic to non-magicians.

The rule is very clear and is emblazoned on their logo, Indocilis Privata Loqui – which roughly translated reads – Not Apt To Disclose Secrets. By breaking this rule Richard could very well be expelled from The Magic Circle – Many other people have been expelled in the past for this exact same breach of the rules, including John Lenahan and Anthony Owen who sadly died only a couple of weeks ago. Pat Page was suspended for a year for publishing a book on magic which explained how tricks were done.

It is understood that The Magic Circle council are currently discussing this issue.

The Express reports that the exposure happened during a performance on his sell-out UK tour (although tickets appear to still be available on his website), which suggests that it was not a one-off and could, in fact, be part of the show. There are 9 dates in the tour according to his website, which would mean that the rule could have been broken on nine separate occasions by the end of the tour.


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Britain’s Got Talent star defiant after breaking rules ‘I’ve got no regrets’

The magician, 28, first won over audiences on Britain’s Got Talent three years ago. The live final of the series saw Richard Jones pull out all the stops, paying tribute to war hero Fergus Anckorn, who used to perform card tricks for Japanese captors whilst being held in a prisoner of war camp in order to earn himself and his fellow prisoners extra food.

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