Reviewed performance: 1st September 2016
Venue: The Trafalgar Studios
Performers: Mike Tyler, Christopher Wayne
Reviewed by: Gordon Drayson & Paul Longhurst


The Concept / Show:


When I was asked to review this show I have to admit I was a little unsure what to expect. It sounds like a show aimed at the ladies night out, and gay men, and in fact it is ideally suited to these two groups, having said that I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the show was created with the thought of being able to appear in the theatre foyer after the show finishes, wearing only their underwear, and a queue of (mainly) women waiting to have their photos taken to then post on social media….

Ellie Suttle on Twitter

Literally the best show I’ve ever seen (helps that I had my own private lap dance!) @NakedMagicians #nicewands

The show starts with a warm up guest comedian, Maureen Younger on the review night, who performs for around 20 minutes, after which there is an interval. Maureen describes herself as “frank, fast, feisty, sharp and engaging – honest humour with attitude!” – for me she was likable, but appeared to be last minute padding, added to make the duration of the show more fitting for the west end. It might be a good idea to add a clock that Maureen can see from the stage to save her constantly looking at her watch to see if she has filled her allotted time.


I like the concept. I like anything which gets new audiences into a theatre to see magic. Yes it is “base” but it never pretends not to be and I sat in a theatre with lots of young people and they loved the show. So it works!

At its heart, this is a pretty standard magic show. It is designed to be laden with sexual innuendo (some subtle, most – not!), and it’s plot is basically, two guys saying “we will end the show naked”. Not exactly Shakespeare but its title or poster doesn’t promise anything else.

The warm-up comedian was not to my taste, but as a straight male (one of only a few in the audience I would guess), she wasn’t aiming for my sense of humour. The crowd seemed to love her and she was definitely on message with the show.


The Magic:


The magic was not very exciting for magicians – pretty standard stuff, although the presentations fitted the theme of the show. My favourite effect in the show was the rope routine (see video below) in which Christopher’s chosen member of the audience had to hold his hat over his nether regions to allow him to perform. The young lady assisting on the night we attended was every magicians dream – her reactions were audible and pure amazement.

However, I will never be able to watch a snowstorm in china quite the same way again…


Nothing new here but everything chosen well and with routines honed to innuendo perfection. Every opportunity for a snigger has been eeked out of these routines to get titters and double meanings to the fore. The magicians were skilled and very likable so I was pleased with the magic – well rehearsed, skilled and polished.

Final Thoughts:


As two male magicians watching this show, we were there for something very different than most of the audience. It was even more enjoyable, having a couple of other magicians sitting next to us. The magic is pretty standard fare, but the presentations had a unique twist to them and were perfect for the setting of the show.

This show is exposing magic to a different type of audience to normal magic shows – in fact I suspect the vast majority of them have never seen a live magic show before this one – so in that respect this has to be good for magic. I asked a female audience member, Kitty, what she thought of the show and she said:

Men and magic, what else would I need for a night out!

The show promises nakedness, and fulfils this promise although most of the show is performed fully, or partially clothed. The concept is clever, and both Mike and Christopher make the most of the situation comedy. You can clearly see that this show has been worked and honed over hundreds of performances, having toured 90 cities throughout USA, Canada, Asia, Australia New Zealand, and the UK, recently appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe. It is a slick show and my recommendation would be to get a load of your female friends together and go watch it for a fun night out.


This was a fun night out for me, but I’m sure it would be a hilarious and miraculous evening for another crowd.

Two likable (and I’m told – fit) guys, performing some smut laden standards really well, with good humour and a great (please excuse the pun) climax.

Leave your victorian values at home and go let your hair down. You’ll have a great night.


The Naked Magic Show

From the creator of the biggest magic show on the planet comes the worlds naughtiest magic show “The Naked Magic Show”. The show features magic, mirth and more than a touch of mayhem as these two hot and hilarious magicians say abracadabra and take magic to a whole new level.

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Official site for the worlds naughtiest magic show “The Naked Magicians”. Good magicians don’t need sleeves and great magicians don’t need pants. This show proves just that!

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