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Last week, Jay Sankey released a video where he claimed to have secretly fooled Penn & Teller even though on the show, he hadn’t.

Penn has discussed this in his weekly podcast. There’s some colourful language in there so be warned! The relevant bit is around the 00:35:00 mark (or -1:00:00) depending on your player.


You can hear his other podcasts here:

Penn’s Sunday School

Irreligious libertines discuss the week’s news with a somewhat unruly congregation.


The story continues with a youtube poster named Magician0Musician who claims that Sankey is deleting un-favourable comments to his original video, see below.

Jay Sankey Did NOT Fool Penn and Teller (He’s Fooling You!)

You can delete my comment but you can never delete my video!!! Clever publicity stunt by Jay Sankey. He puts the burden of proof on Fool Us which he knows won’t bend because of their legal team; leaving him looking like the poor victim.


The original story is here:

Jay Sankey Reveals double deceptions in his Fool Us appearance

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