Barry Murray, Magical researcher for The Paul Daniels Magic Show, Author and Creator of Wizbit was a close friend of Paul’s writes, exclusively for Magic Daily:

Magic lost one it’s all time greats in the early hours of Thursday 17th March. There are very very few magicians who become legends in their own lifetime. Paul Daniels did, not by accident or design, but because in my opinion he was the greatest stand up magical entertainer these islands have ever produced. Think about the first time you ever saw Paul perform, I guarantee that not only did you love the magic you were watching, but you also laughed yourself silly. What a combination, not only did he fool ’em he entertained them in spades, on Television, in the Theatre, Chat Shows, anywhere and everywhere, tricks and humour of the highest standard in lethal combination. He became a Star because he was always going to be a Star, he had what it took to get there, and then he had what it took to stay there. Clever enough to surround himself with a small collection of magicians of knowledge, experience and ability, he stayed loyal to them and they to him through out his life. If Paul befriended you, you had a friend for life, genuinely so.

I knew him well, we worked together on many different ventures, and it was always great fun. Paul enjoyed life and and the company of those he trusted. He was doubly blessed when, one magic day, Debbie McGee said, ‘Yes’, he not only got the most wonderful partner, but also the best ‘box jumper’ in the business, he wasn’t silly. They were a great couple, they complimented each other perfectly. Sadly that bond is now broken in the saddest way possible, but ‘wow’ what a journey they shared together.

I have hundreds of first hand memories and stories about Paul, but one I still remember with awe an admiration is this; Paul and I were at a Book Publishers, Corgi – Transworld, because we had five Wizbit books in line to be launched shortly. Inevitably a pack of cards came out, and the Senior Editor a very bright middle aged woman took a card, shuffled back into the pack, he duly found it, she took another – it was the same card she’d previously taken, and so it went on, no matter how much she tried not to take the card, that was the one she got every time, and she tried every which way not to take it, he put the deck behind his back and she took a card – same card, he left the pack on the table, she cut the deck – same card (think crimp), and on we went. He forced the same card on her 13 times, the poor woman was climbing the walls, until he finally stopped……then he gave her her watch back! Oh, and it wasn’t a 52 same card deck, I know this because it was my deck. I was privileged to see a Master magician at work that day. Paul is gone, but our memories will always remain magical.


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The magician Paul Daniels has died aged 77 after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Here we take a look back at his life. Subscribe for more from the ITV News team:

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Magician Paul Daniels has died aged 77, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was at his Berkshire home with wife Debbie McGee when he died in the early hours of Thursday. “Debbie and the family would like to thank everyone for their support and asks that their privacy be respected at this sad time,” his publicist said.

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Remembering legendary magician Paul Daniels, who tragically passed away on the 17th of March 2016

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