As true sceptics, and in an attempt to find real paranormal phenomena, the James Randi Educational Foundation has, for 19 years, offered a reward of $1m to anyone who could prove, under scientific conditions, their paranormal powers.

As James has now retired, and after a “fun” 19 years in the absence of any serious contenders, the offer has been terminated and the foundation has been turned into a grant making foundation.

“We will NOT accept suggestions, applications or proposals for these grants. We hope they will come as a pleasant surprise to the recipients, just as Randi’s MacArthur foundation grant was a pleasant surprise to him.”

More info can be found on the James Randi Educational Foundation’s webpage below.

JREF Status

Since James Randi’s retirement earlier this year, the Board has considered how to continue the Foundation without his direct involvement. The Board has decided that it will convert the foundation…

Paul Longhurst

A professional magician working mainly in the South of England. Also a professional director and actor.