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Trix in the Stix 2018 announcement | Magic Daily

Trix in the Stix, the one and a half day children’s convention, has announced their line up for 2018.

TRIX 2018 Announcement

Tickets go on sale JUNE 1st 2017. http://www.trixinthestix.uk

Tickets go on sale on Thursday 1st June 2018 at 11am, and if past years are anything to go by, all 240 tickets are expected to be sold within an hour.

The convention is held in Shropshire, at the Lion Quays Resort. Tickets are £55, and the dates for next year are 21-22nd May 2018.

Further information and tickets can be found at:

Coming Soon

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Gordon Drayson

Professional Magician, working in the South London area. Close up magic, double act cabaret as well as UK Childrens Entertainer of the Year 2016/2017. Founding member of Magic Daily.

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