On 14th December 2017, Dynamo performed World Magic Shops David Penn and Wayne Fox’s 52 to 1 on Good Morning Britain. During the promotion of his brand new book, he performed this effect for the presenters.

You can watch the full clip here:

Dynamo wows us once again!

Master magician Dynamo is here to tell us about his new book that reveals just what it takes to perform his mind-blowing illusions. You might also like:

Dynamo’s new book “Dynamo, The Book of Secrets” can be purchased from Amazon:

Dynamo: The Book of Secrets: Learn 30 Mind-Blowing Illusions to Amaze Your Friends and Family

A masterclass in magic from the world’s coolest magician: Dynamo In this fully illustrated guide to modern magic, Dynamo shows you how you can perform magic yourself. Learn how to make water freeze instantly, read your friends’ minds, make chewing gum float 360 degrees around your head, s…

52 to 1 can be bought from World Magic Shop:

52 to 1 Deck by David Penn and Wayne Fox

The 52-1 Deck Created by Wayne Fox & David Penn The 52-1 Deck has been hailed by leading performers, creators and scholars in the magic community as the cleanest thought of card routine EVER! At Magic Live 2017 the word was out! !t was all people were talking about, that got to see this miracle for themselves.

Gordon Drayson

Professional Magician, working in the South London area. Close up magic, double act cabaret as well as UK Childrens Entertainer of the Year 2016/2017. Founding member of Magic Daily.

Websites: www.PipKennedy.co.uk - www.disbelieving.com

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