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Engadget writes about the upgrades that have been made to the Derren Brown Ghost Train, featuring VR technology at Thorpe Park for 2017.

For those who don’t know about this “ride” – it is a virtual reality horror ride, with some very cool optical illusions and magical techniques that have been used throughout to justify Derren Brown’s name being attached to the project. Overall it is a very interesting ride and well worth experiencing, although expect long queues, as it is very popular.

The upgrade has been given the name “Rise of the Demon” – and you can read all about how the changes have been made in the link below. If you are planning on visiting Thorpe Park then make sure you leave time to visit the Ghost Train. Your reporter is looking forward to experiencing it himself later in the year, to compare it against last years iteration.

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One theme park’s mission to perfect VR horror

After a brief, creepy stint in VR, you’re asked to exit the train on what appears to be a modern subway station. The original warehouse, the chains — it’s all gone. I’ve heard rumors about the train and how it’s able to “move” through space, but even with this information I can’t see how it all works.

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