Build Your Magic Show by Julian Mather

Review by Paul Longhurst
Date: 15/11/2015


The description states that this contains:

All in over 30 hours of HD video plus extra audio lessons and downloadable pdf’s, all reinforced with exclusive interviews from experts David Kaye, Michael Finney, Ken Scott, John Kimmons, Robert Baxt and more.

You get complete lifetime access, all backed up with a 60 day no questions asked guarantee, all ready for you, right now. This is a master class in kids and family magic that will jumpstart beginners, provide focus and direction for advanced amateurs while unearthing gems and nuggets of commercial material for pros.


build-your-magic-show2The amount of training (books and videos) available for magicians creating children and family shows is huge. Most magicians who have been doing children’s parties for some time will have collated their own winning formulas and of course, those experiences are valuable to new and upcoming acts. To stand out in the market place therefore, your product must be either specific enough to train in a new field or it must be a competitively priced, complete and detailed one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need. This is what Julian Mather and Ken Kelly have created with Build Your Magic Show (BYMS).

The course is delivered in a set of structured videos, all presented by Julian Mather who comes across as a very likable and knowledgeable guy. There are 75 videos in the BYMS section, split into 5 modules, and others available in related subjects (building your business, etc) and also there are exclusive interviews from David Kaye, Michael Finney, Ken Scott, John Kimmons, Robert Baxt.

The course basically teaches Julian’s children’s Magic Show acts. It covers four of five different locations, different age ranges and scenarios (indoors, outdoors, houses, halls, etc).

Julian MatherEach section has various live performances, and then a detailed set of instructions and a conversational discussion of all the thinking behind that part of the act. The videos have additional information overlaid onto the action and each video has a well-used comments section encouraging feedback from the viewers.
This all means that the teaching is fun, well-paced and best of all, you can see it working live in three or four different environments. Add to this the comments and responses from Julian, and you have a superb resource.

There is also an associated Facebook group for people who have purchased the course, and this and the comments for each video seem to be fairly active.
And , it all keeps growing. Ken and Julian add material as and when relevant. I’ve seen changes in the last few months I’ve had access.
To Julian’s credit, this is a ‘warts and all’ presentation where real life problems, and the odd mistake does happen, and we also get to see his way of handling these scenarios. Additionally, in one or two places, the commenters will recommend changes or additions, and Julian has been gracious enough to take these suggestions seriously and try them out.

My only criticism of the course is that the title could be misleading. Build Your Magic Show is definitely aimed at the Children’s Magician market and although the tag line says “step by step guide to building a successful kids/family magic show” I don’t think this is clear enough. A better title for me would be Build Your Kids Magic Show.

Pros and Cons


  • Great content
  • Well taught
  • Flourishing community
  • Well sectioned and indexed


  • Misleading title. The course is definitely aimed at the kids magic market.
  • At the top end of the pricing scale. Look out for deals.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to start your own show from scratch, or indeed looking to gain insight from a successful and accomplished performer, then this is a superb resource. Clearly a labour of love for Julian and Ken, if you’re in that bracket, Build Your Magic Show is highly recommended.


How To Build A Magic Show | Build Your Magic Show

Step by step guide to building a successful kids/family magic show


Paul Longhurst

A professional magician working mainly in the South of England. Also a professional director and actor.

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