On Saturday 9th March 2019, Johnny Thompson collapsed at The Rio, Las Vegas, during rehearsals for Penn & Teller Fool Us.

He was unresponsive for several minutes before regaining conciousness, and was then immediately taken to hospital. He later died at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center.

Professionally he was known as “The Great Thompsoni”, but was so much more to so many people. Starting out as a harmonica player in 1951, he created his famous act with his wife Pam, “The Great Tomsoni and Company” seven years later.

He worked as a consultant for most of the Las Vegas Headliners, including Siegfried & Roy, Criss Angel, David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Mac King, Mat Franco and David Blaine. He was the “go to” man for all the big magicians of our time and helped to create many of their now famous illusions and routines. More recently he was the magical consultant on the Penn & Teller Fool Us TV show, both in the USA and the UK.

Tomsoni & Co. (1977)

Here’s a great clip of our friend Johnny Thompson (Tomsoni) and the lovely Pamela Hayes (& Co.) from a magic special hosted by Dick Cavett which was broadcast by HBO in 1977. Find out more about Johnny & Pam at their website: http://JohnnyThompson.com

He was a mentor and friend to so many people, and a true legend in the magic community.

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Johnny Thompson, a Las Vegas magic legend, dies at 84

Just days before he died, Johnny Thompson enjoyed his life’s passion: working with magicians. Thompson, the legendary showman known as “The Great Tomsoni” and an inspiration to generations of magicians, died Saturday afternoon at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas. He was 84.

Magic legend Johnny Thompson, ‘The Great Tomsoni,’ dies at 84

He died on Saturday afternoon at Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thompson was an inspiration to countless generations of magicians. Thompson served as a consultant for the Penn & Teller show Fool Us on the CW network. On February 25, the iconic magician collapsed during the rehearsals in Rio and was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

Penn Jillette on Twitter

I miss him so much

Michael Weber on Twitter

The Great Johnny Thompson passed away today. A kind and generous man, a really great magician with sharp mind and world-class chops. His sense of humor was edgy yet free of malice. A life-long guardian of The Secrets, who always helped others learn and grow. Utterly Irreplaceable

Lance Burton on Twitter

I am heartbroken today to lose my longtime friend and mentor Johnny Thompson. For almost 40 years Johnny has been intimately involved in all aspects of my career. He has written material for my TV shows as well as my live act. From teaching me the “Cups and Balls” to…

David Copperfield on Twitter

Johnny Thompson-great performer, teacher and friend .. I’m heartbroken

Mat Franco on Twitter

I’m deeply saddened by the passing of Johnny Thompson. Beyond being a generous friend and mentor, he was a legend in our community, and I’m thankful for all of the wonderful things he’s left us to remember him by. In the words often spoken by Johnny himself, “Love you, pal

Shawn Farquhar on Twitter

I’ve spent my evening reading the wonderful stories many have shared describing their experiences with Johnny Thompson. I’m not ready to share yet, I’m really having trouble finding the words… I did find this photo from Hong Kong, that brought a wave… https://t.co/1xhi90Opj9

John Archer on Twitter

Not Johnny Thompson 🙁 noooo. So sad right now. Rest in peace lovely man.

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Johnny Thompson LIVE Q&A with Full Circle Magic

Interact LIVE with legendary consultants to the stars of magic, Johnny and Pam Thompson!

Penn & Teller – The Great Tomsoni & co.

Penn & Teller – The Great Tomsoni & co. penn and teller fool us penn and teller show penn and teller fool us season 4 penn and teller fool us season 3 penn and . Here’s a great clip of our friend Johnny Thompson (Tomsoni) and the lovely Pamela Hayes (& Co.)

Johnny Thompson – Wikipedia

Johnny Thompson (born c. 1934 – March 9, 2019) was a Polish-American comedian and Las Vegas illusionist who performed under the stage name The Great Tomsoni with his wife, Pamela Hayes. They had a comedic slapstick act with the well-dressed Thompson and his gum-popping assistant, Pam, performing illusions while enduring a series of mishaps.

Johnny Thompson – IMDb

Johnny Thompson: The Carbonaro Effect. Johnny Thompson is known for his work on The Carbonaro Effect (2014), Wizard Wars (2014) and Billy Topit (2015).