Tips and Tricks

Audience Handling Tips for Magicians

Listen to this interview brimming with brilliant tips and insights from award-winning magician Paul Megram. Here you’ll learn how you can manage both children and adult audiences effectively and create the perfect conditions so you can give your best show every time.... read more

Blackpool Convention Beginner Guide

A beginners guide to the Blackpool Magic Convention by Mark Waddington So, you have heard about this event that happens every year in February, where thousands upon thousands of magicians descend on a seaside town to exchange tricks – This is the Blackpool Magic... read more

How to Control Your Nerves: Part 1

Pre-show jitters getting the better of you? Follow these two tips to reduce, if not dispel, those nerves and be calmer and cooler as soon as your next show. Check out... read more

Entertainment Tips from a Disneyland Performer

Having performed over 9000 shows, Max Marshall has a wealth of stories and tips for magicians and anyone with a performing career. Get to know this colourful character and performer extraordinaire, and more importantly the lessons he learned from years doing a variety... read more

How to Warm Up an Audience for Professional Magicians

Get your audience amused and laughing right from the start with these no-sweat physical comedy gags that you can perform as soon as your next magic show. Learn about them and more here: How to Warm Up an Audience for Professional Entertainers Do you know what’s... read more

Copywriting Tips for Magicians

Learn how to write awesome content for your website with this treasure trove of copywriting tips specifically for magicians and kids entertainers. Check out Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers Podcast: Play in new window | Download The right words can entice,... read more

Add This to Your Magic Arsenal: The Elephants Never Forget Trick

In the world of magic, hard tricks don’t always mean good tricks. Sometimes simple tricks can be as effective as difficult tricks in astonishing audiences. For some mentalism magic that’s easy to learn and pull off, try the Elephant Never Forgets. All you need is a... read more