Oscar Munoz receiving Death Threats

Magician, Oscar Munoz is receiving death threats in regards to the way he deals with people on an aeroplane. The viral video, showing an Asian man being dragged off a United Airlines plan last Sunday has provoked all sorts of reactions from people around the world.... read more

Penn Jillette reveals what it was like to work with Donald Trump

World famous magician Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller dropped by Business Insider to talk about his new book, "Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales." Jillette appeared on two seasons of "Celebrity Apprentice," the second season of which saw him finish as the runner-up.

Penn Jillette talks about working with Trump

As the Presidential Election in the USA gets closer, World famous magician Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller dropped by Business Insider to talk about his new book, “Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales.” Jillette... read more

BalloonTube Channel Launched

Graham Lee, balloon artist, and owner of Balloon Art Wholesale, has launched a new tutorial YouTube channel, called BalloonTube. The tutorials published to date appear to be aimed at those wishing to improve their balloon art, and not the beginner. So far there have... read more

Slightly Unusual Exposure Controversy

An illusion act trading under the name of “Slightly Unusual” have been the subject of an exposure controversy. Their website shows that they offer a “Team Building” package, where they offer the following: We start the session with a... read more

Magic Money – The Royal Mail Post Office Advert

The Royal Mail have recently released their new TV advertising campaign, featuring a playful film ahead of the summer period. The message is all about buying foreign currency for your trip abroad using online click and collect with 0% commission from any of the 11,500... read more

Entertainment Tips from a Disneyland Performer

Having performed over 9000 shows, Max Marshall has a wealth of stories and tips for magicians and anyone with a performing career. Get to know this colourful character and performer extraordinaire, and more importantly the lessons he learned from years doing a variety... read more

How to Warm Up an Audience for Professional Magicians

Get your audience amused and laughing right from the start with these no-sweat physical comedy gags that you can perform as soon as your next magic show. Learn about them and more here: How to Warm Up an Audience for Professional Entertainers Do you know what’s... read more

Copywriting Tips for Magicians

Learn how to write awesome content for your website with this treasure trove of copywriting tips specifically for magicians and kids entertainers. Check out Copywriting Tips for Kids Entertainers Podcast: Play in new window | Download The right words can entice,... read more

Add This to Your Magic Arsenal: The Towel Elephant

No, this isn’t a magic trick. It’s actually just a simple bit of towel folding. But the towel elephant piques the interest of people so well (plus it’s so “shareable”) that it can help you garner the attention and engagement you’re looking for. Interested? Learn how... read more

How to Get More Bookings from Your Website in 2016

In this age of smartphones and Google searches, it’s imperative for magicians not only to have websites, but to have websites that effectively convert prospective clients into actual ones. Learn how you can make your website work for you and score you more bookings by... read more

Marketing Tips for Magicians

As magicians, we need to focus on another thing besides our magic. We need to dabble at marketing as well. It’s imperative that we know how to promote ourselves so we can secure bookings, earn sufficient or additional income, and bring our magic to more people. For... read more

The Best Marketing Tip for Magicians We’ve Seen This Year

Marketing is a piece of cake—and fun—with this insanely effective promotional material that you can personalise to promote your magic business. It’s great whether you’re doing strolling magic, promoting at a trade show gig, or as the example here, performing a kids... read more

History of Magic: Talma

Mary Ann Ford, well known as Mercedes Talma, was a professional sleight-of-hand magician who came to be dubbed as the Queen of Coins. The wife of Belgium magician Servais LeRoy, Talma made a name for herself with her astounding manipulation skills and became a success... read more