Blackpool Magic Convention 2018

With the biggest magic convention in the world now over, and a brand new team running it – what did everyone think? Take a look at some of the 2018 videos below, including the full performance section of Fay Presto’s Lecture. Were you there – see if... read more

Trix in the Stix 2018 announcement

Trix in the Stix, the one and a half day children’s convention, has announced their line up for 2018. TRIX 2018 Announcement Tickets go on sale JUNE 1st 2017. Tickets go on sale on Thursday 1st June 2018 at 11am, and if past years are... read more

The Bristol Day of Magic 2017

Paul McLeavy and his team from Bristol Society of Magic pulled another fun filled day out of the proverbial hat. The venue, Nailsea School, has useful auditoria but is somewhat off the beaten track if you were travelling without a car. However it was worth the journey... read more

Magic Martin crowned “Family Entertainer of the year 2017”

Martin Gardiner, from Lifton, has won the brand new award “Family Entertainer of the year 2017” at the recent Blackpool Magic Convention. This was the first year of heats throughout the UK, with the seven winners competing in the final on the stage of the... read more

Blackpool Convention Beginner Guide

A beginners guide to the Blackpool Magic Convention by Mark Waddington So, you have heard about this event that happens every year in February, where thousands upon thousands of magicians descend on a seaside town to exchange tricks – This is the Blackpool Magic... read more

Report: Bristol Day Of Magic 2016

This year the Bristol Day of Magic took on a new team and a new venue. After fifty-five years, with several at Weston-Super-Mare, it looked as if the Day wasn’t going to happen until Paul Macleavy decided to continue the tradition. The old venue was no longer... read more

Report: South Tyneside Magic Festival 2016

This convention, which takes place in South Shields, is organised and well supported by the local Council in conjunction with nearby magic dealer, Magic Box. Karri Prinn and John Archer collaborated to fill this year’s programme and did an excellent job of it.... read more

Tuttlingen Cabaret competition – Strange Comedy in the finals

We shall be performing in the finals April 13 2016! Hope to see you there! Full Details can be found in the following pdf file. Watch their style of performance here: Clown duo Strange Comedy... read more

Gordon’s Magic Wins Top UK Award In Blackpool (Video)

Since winning the Kidology UK Children’s Entertainer of the Year in September 2015, South Croydon Magician and Magic Circle Member Gordon Drayson, known as Gordon’s Magic, has been working overtime to perfect and improve his act which won the National Children’s... read more

Report: Blackpool Festival 2016 Sunday Night Gala Show

I was delighted that Sunday’s show opened with a second helping of Dion, this time with his award-winning Tango act. The story is of a man being jilted for a dinner date. The use of the props around him was very inventive in conveying the story. When reading a... read more

Report: Blackpool Festival 2016 Saturday Night Gala Show

This time Greg Wilson was the able compere and he arrived on stage already handcuffed! This was a great idea – saving us from all the boring stuff – and Greg escaped quickly, doing so as a spectator was reaching for the keys in his jacket pocket! Jean Garin performed... read more

Report: Blackpool Festival 2016 Friday Night Gala Show

Mel Mellers was the MC for the first of three Gala Shows over the weekend and his acerbic wit gave a continual vibrance to each gap between the acts. Pat Fallon gave us a perfect opening. His stylish, classic magic with doves, candles, silks was thought to be very... read more

Review: The Magic Of Porto – Clube Ilusionista Fenianos

Festival S. Joao Bosco took place, in Porto, Portugal from Friday 29th – Sunday 31st January at the premises, complete with its own theatre, that houses Clube Illusionista Fenianos. It was a chance meeting at The Magic Circle, London, between their new President, Miss... read more

Report: The Session Convention 2016

What a wonderful thing The Session convention is! This is my second time and I loved every minute of it.  The 2016 convention rang in a number of changes, the two main ones were a special Friday “Event” for mentalists curated by Luke Jermay and a move from the old... read more

Easy Magic Tricks for Kids Entertainers

Looking for easy magic tricks to add to your show? Then check out this podcast featuring Jeremy LePoidevin, the owner of the shop Practical Magic. In this podcast, Jeremy not only shares tricks and training resources worth checking out, but also offers an insider’s... read more

Blackpool Magic Festival 2016 details released

The Blackpool Magicians Club have released more info of their 2016 Magic Festival line up. The lineup includes: Jeff McBride Victor Voitko Omar Pasha Jay Sankey Paul Wilson Shin Lim Pat Fallon George Kovari Pierric Larry Hass Eugene Burger Ian Rowland Mark Mason... read more

Magic Circle Dealers Day Line up 24th October 2015

Hi everyone – here’s the current line up for dealers at the magic circle dealers day this Saturday 24th October at the Royal National Hotel, Russell Square,(galleon suite), London 10am to 5pm (lecture by Wayne Fox 4.30pm) Alakazam Discount Magic Wayne... read more